Raking it in without
breaking your soul

How I Almost Killed My Summer

Too much of any good thing is gonna hurt. That’s how you burn out. So, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to. Right now. Or ever.

Signs You Can Quit Your Day Job

While there’s no one path to entrepreneurship, let me sort out when you’ll know you’re ready to take that leap. These are the signs you can quit your day job.

Being Strung Along

The thing about being strung along by a potential client is you often don’t know til it’s too late. Let my students’ hindsight become your foresight.

Client Red Flags

Your red flag list is how you create boundaries. It’s how you generate an empire where the atmosphere is respect. It saves you stress headaches. It’s peace.

Find Your Edge

Your market is crowded. The way to stand out is to find your edge – the thing that makes you different. The cinnamon caramel in a world of vanilla ice cream.

Books Are Not Lucrative

Publishing a book will not make you rich. You aren’t Stephen King. You don’t get advances. But writing a book makes you more visible. Heck, write anything.

When You’re a Threat

How the funniest work moment of the year led me to realize I, the outside consultant, was a big threat – and what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

Robin Hood Pricing

You might conclude the only choices are to cast your lot with your community & a low salary or sell out with Mr. Moneybags & guilt. Let me offer a third option.

My Epic Pandemic Business Mistake

The trouble with the Yes to All Approach is that you backbend your offer to make it fit what each client wants, even if you aren’t actually flexible. aka It hurts.

Singing into the Ocean

Prepare for In the Zone time. It doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s a result of how you set up your circumstances. And: Don’t over-engineer your environment.

Just Close Shop

When I started my first business I got high from every new client email. When Thanksgiving hit and my supply of new clients went dry, I’d go through withdrawals.

Listen to this.

The largest obstacles you face in growing a business live in your head. Let’s rewire some of those circuits. Think of this as my mixtape for your mindset.

Figuring Out Your Next Big Move

Whether pivoting your career or branching off your existing business, you leap into the unknown. 6 – 12 months exploring these 3 areas tells you where to go.

Two Phrases Every Entrepreneur Should Know

You don’t need to know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g but you do need faith you can figure it out. Talented entrepreneurs find the answer even if they don’t have it now.

How to Get Sh*t Done

If you have dreams but struggle to actually take the steps to make them real, work through these three rules. This is how you find focus and get sh*t done.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

The closer we got to the workshop date, the more we started compromising the level of quality that lived in our hearts because we were up against a deadline.

Nights & Weekends

When I was first hatching the idea of my side hustle, I got advice about how to know when it’s time to quit your day job. I’ve heard a dozen answers to this…

3 Ways to Beat Back Imposter Syndrome

Welcome to entrepreneurship. These feelings don’t really go away. The trick is to figure out how to manage them. Let’s manage the #1 killer of dreams.

Cake Bakers

The reality is, opening a bakery doesn’t mean you bake cakes all day. And starting your business doesn’t mean you’ll do the one thing you love doing all day long.

My First Million

“Quick, take my picture.” I said to my partner. This is what he snapped. It’s the moment I became a millionaire. I knew the day would be coming soon and I was expecting the email from my financial planner to drop any second. My partner and I happened to be…

Easy Social Media

Why is social media so freaking scary? Oh yeah, because people on the internet can be real jerks. So much so that a lot of folks are pre-intimidated. Like, too afraid to even put anything out there in case a jerk happens to come along. I just heard…

Make Yourself Take Vacation

This is what my face looks like on vacation. It isn’t just the culture, nature, and sunshine giving me that glow. It’s that I’m not at work. Don’t get me wrong. I often send tweets with #ILoveMyJob because all of my work is deeply fulfilling. But it’s also…

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

I am not proud to admit this, but I spent $10,000 on 8 weeks of business coaching. The course was pitched for high-earning (that’s me), executive-level (also me) women who were burning out (ahem, me too). I’d be happy to share that I forked up 10 grand if I…

Don’t Freelance

“I’m a freelancer” sounds sexy because media imagery involves rich athletes looking to trade teams or courageous journalists helicoptering to the next international assignment. But in reality, saying you freelance is more like packaging a Le Beccherie tiramisu in a Tootsie Roll wrapper. Don’t be freelancer.