You took the leap, !

Here are your next steps:

  1. Make your next big, brave move and tell your people you’re cooking up your next big thing. I’ll make this easy. Open your go-to social app. Copy/paste this text:
    Watch out, world! I just signed up for Boost & Bloom, a course from @evergreendata on how to grow a successful business. Keep your eye on me. I’m engineering something new over here.
    Then take a quick selfie and hit SEND.
  2. Check your inbox. I’ve sent you a welcome email and a receipt. If you don’t see the emails within an hour, let me know. I’ll be sending you important emails, so be sure I’m landing in your inbox.
  3. Get started. You’re already logged in. Click on Welcome in the menu to your left and bookmark that page. Watch my welcome video. Download the workbook. Check out the schedule of group classes. Mark your calendar AND block out times you’ll watch each module. 

Can you feel the buzz in the air? That mix of thrill and wonder is so sweet. Embrace it. I’ve got you. See you soon.