Raking it in without
breaking your soul

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Hey babe, did you see me post this?

I tape up this poster earlier and earlier each year.

Yeah, you could say I know a thing or two about how to run a successful business. That earns multiple seven figures. Without burning out. And I want to help you, too.

“Our hearts are good and we still need to be paid.” 👈🏽 one of my students, Natalie, gifted us with this wisdom. She’s increasingly aware that we can be of service to the world AND be compensated well for that service.

Natalie’s on the path to build a business that saves the world in some small way, fulfills her purpose, and creates intergenerational wealth. Waking up whenever she wants. Working from the beach if she feels like it.

It’s a damn beautiful thing and I love showing people the way.

I have so many (too many?) ideas that I started Bearing Fruit, a weekly newsletter, to get them out of my head and into yours.

We’ll never share your information with anyone else. How gross.

This is the newsletter that’ll actually change your approach. It’s the opening of a conversation between you and I. In fact, I get lots of replies like this one:

Hi Stephanie -
Thank you again for your newsletter.  It is always so inspiring and one of the few newsletters I receive that I actually read each time and all the way through.

Earlier in my career, had someone told me I would one day run an empire, I would have LOLed right in their face. But when you have a decade of changing people’s lives and earning 6 or 7 figures a year, there’s really no other word for it.

If you’re ready to turn your hobby into a career – without getting sucked into that capitalistic hustle culture, come with me.

If you’re thinking about what’s next for your business, let’s weigh the possibilities.

Together we can create the work-life that works for your life.

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