While money can’t buy happiness, it does help. For example, my new office desk and chair are making me actually want to spend time at work.

I was due for a change. My old office chair was a thrift store find my cats had turned into a scratching post. And I was using two separate desks. One stand-up setup that my ex-husband constructed. Loved it, but it barely fit all the equipment I needed for an online workshop these days. And the other desk was a sit-down in the classically old wood style that had a dozen drawers and weighed 200 pounds.

This is my new desk:

It replaces both of my old desks because it’s motorized and raises and lowers itself. In fact, I can preset 3 different heights for when I want to sit, stand, or use a stool.

This variety keeps me from getting bored. Or sore.

Also, see the undershelf lighting? It comes in a bunch of different colors! Need a perk up? Switch it to yellow.

I also ditched the cat bed for an armless chair with a wide seat:

This design means I can sit with one leg tucked up under me or even fully criss-cross applesauce or a dozen other configurations that keep me actually at my desk working.

Between the desk heights, light colors, and sitting options, the combinations my physical body in better shape and make it so every hour of my work day feels fresh – and fresh keeps me inspired.

Together these may look bland but drop them onto my lime green shag rug, set against my bright yellow walls and honestly being in my office makes me so happy.

Want to take a look around?

This is the view from my fresh chair – which now sits, with the desk, in the middle of the room.

You’ll notice:

☀️ Natural light

🪴 Plants

💻 Space for all the online workshop tech

🟨 Those yellow walls

🎨 The back half is my art studio

Huberman Lab has an entire episode dedicated to the research behind optimal office setups for focus and health. Art studios aren’t in their recommended list. Plants are. Listen here.

What you can’t fully see in this video:

The stairway leading up to my office is plastered with thank you notes, postcards, and memorabilia from my work travels.

Coming or going, I’m reminded of all the amazing places and kind hearts I’ve worked with over the years and I feel profoundly grateful for my global community and that all gets me through the smaller, much more tedious moments of being an entrepreneur.

So, I spent several hundred dollars this year on new office furniture (during Prime Days on Amazon so I spent less but still, it’s Amazon, I know, don’t judge me). It drastically changed the vibe in my office, like opening the windows to let in fresh Spring air.

Even if your budget can’t manage that much, what small thing could you add that would make your heart smile? A candle? A photo?

I would love to see your favorite thing about your office. Send me a pic.