Friends and neighbors, over the past season of Bearing Fruit I’ve sought your advice, particularly around who you follow and what’s on your reading list. And ya’ll came through.

So as I head into my summer of less frequent newsletters and more down time, I’ve compiled your suggestions into my reading and listening list – here for your enjoyment and growth as well.

For Reading

Please purchase from your local bookseller or borrow from your library.

The Classics

Emily sent Think Again by Adam Grant, saying “I don’t always agree with everything (information in his books, blogs, social media), but he always makes me think and I love that he’s evidence-based.” Personally, I loved how this book made me change how I approach my role as consultant.

Chris, who proclaims to not have time for reading, is tucking in to Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Susan said “Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden has been a useful jumpstart for me several times. I really like how practical she is and how she helps you determine what marketing cycle you are in: filling the pipeline, following up, having sales conversations, and closing sales so you can focus your efforts.”

Cheralynn is still referring to the classic Book Yourself Solid. But is just starting to get into How to be a Power Connector.

The New Wave

Eva has been loving Unreasonable Hospitality, Everything is Figureoutable, Please Yourself, and The No Club.

Rekha also recommended The No Club, which I bought based on the name alone, and Fair Play, which I’ve already passed on to many friends.

Eva also said “I’ve got Two Weeks Notice lined up on Audible” so I’m technically cheating because that’s listening and I’ve popped it into the For Reading section but Eva’s not the only one who recommended that book.

Andy is also a listener and he’s digging $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi and Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell.

Kris’s juicy suggestions: “I LOVE Emergent Strategy by adrienne marie brown — has really helped me in my approaches to trainings and interacting with clients. I also love Zheng’s DEI Deconstructed. All about using data to support DEI efforts :-).”

Multiple times, Jen has told me I need to start reading Martha Beck’s work.

Chelsea added Happier Hour to my reading list.

For Following

When I asked for who you follow for advice, Shelby directed me to:

And I’ve been following Bridgie Casey ever since. She talks money and investing. Though she’s in Canada, her advice applies to both Canadians and Americans. I actually enrolled in her investment course, learned a ton, established my own brokerage account (because I learned what the heck that is), and I’m better set up for that generational wealth my family’s never had. I owe you a coffee for this rec, Shelby.

Autumn pointed me to Raina Sun, who specifically coaches folks from backgrounds that have been marginalized.

Jess got me following:


Helen put so much color in my feed by recommending this sweet account:

For Viewing

Finally, in what may be my favorite suggestion of all, Cathy plays this when she sends out those overdue invoice reminders and I 100% love this so much: