Raking it in without
breaking your soul

Hate the Idea of Marketing?

The hard truth about being an entrepreneur is that you simply cannot escape marketing.

Yet the number one thing I hear from entrepreneurs, whether they’re just nurturing the seeds of their business or they’re actively rooting, is that they hate sales and marketing.

Well, they say they hate sales and marketing. Because this is what comes to mind 👇

Entrepreneurs think that sales and marketing is going to make you compromise your morals. That you’ll be bugging people. With things they don’t need.

You think sales and marketing are misaligned with who you are as a person. It’s gross.

So, people avoid it. And then one of two things happens:

1. Their business folds. Without clients, you have no income and without income you have no business. You simply have to tell people about the services you offer. There’s no way around it.

2. Their business chugs along at a steady pace. It pays the bills. You have repeat clients. Sure, they may refer you to a colleague. But it feels pretty stale after a couple years because you’re working with essentially the same people on essentially the same project.

Some folks will go their whole careers in lane 2 – working harder and harder every year because you can’t really raise your prices much if you have the same clients and the same projects on repeat.

I want more for you. I want you to attract the clients that make your heart sing. And I want you to be able to say no to the clients that make your guts feel bad.

My dream for you is that you spend your life supporting projects that align with your soul and pay you what you’re worth.

The way to get there… well, we’re gonna have to talk about that hard truth. Here it is:

Marketing is the #1 thing you need. No matter your stage of entrepreneurship.

Before you throw in the towel and start scanning LinkedIn for salaried job postings, come to my class.

Let me show you how to market without feeling skeezy.

Oh snap! This class is already over. Hey, keep an eye out for my next free class cause these are a blast and you learn a ton.

I pulled a lesson from my online course, Boost & Bloom.

Boost & Bloom is for entrepreneurs, at any stage, who want to build a business with integrity at the core. Enrollment is closed by you can get on the VIP list for first dibs next time I open the doors.

We talk about marketing without being gross a LOT.

In last year’s cohort, one of my students sent in this question for our live Office Hours call:

“I am bad at selling things. I feel this is holding me back in my business. Do I have to hire a marketing agency??? That feels expensive.”

When I explained to this student what I’m going to show you in my upcoming class, she smiled.

Her shoulders fell away from her ears.

She sat up a little straighter.

Her face brightened and she said “oh I can do that.”

Yes. Anyone can.

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