Raking it in without
breaking your soul

I Have an Arch Nemesis

Actually, I have a few. Despite my therapist’s suggestions to let it go because “the only one getting hurt by resentment is me” 🤮 I keep my grudges in a box covered in sequins tucked in the back of my closet. Not in sight every day but easy to…

Where to Focus When You’re Getting Started

When a seasoned entrepreneur is willing to start their hindsight about getting started, you know you need to pull up a chair and take some notes.

40 Hours. Every Week?

I don’t see a way to live a healthy life and also work 40 hours a week. The math aint mathin. Something gives, because something’s gotta give.

A Halloween Horror Story

This will send chills down your entrepreneurial spine. Learn a lesson from my mistake about how to negotiate a better contract and price yourself appropriately.

What Makes Work Meaningful

We, the self-employed, advance our own careers and set our own work hours. We don’t rely on the benevolent boss to deem us worthy. We are worthy. All of us.

Solving Real Problems

What could you do instead that aligns with your brand, solves real problems, and makes people smile? This is a story where Heineken is the hero. Yes, Heineken.

Saying Yes with Ama Nyame-Mensah

Now that she’s been burned a few times, Ama knows to look for positive signs that someone (or an organization) will be a good partner, so she can say yes.

Credit Where It’s Due

It’s a particularly American story to be self-sufficient, self-made, reliant on no one. It’s also bullshit. Here’s how to share credit, for creators and CEOs.

Ethical Riders

What good is having a name-drop-worthy client if you’re so embarrassed by them, you’d never drop the name? I wished I had ethical riders in the contract.

You Don’t Have to Be Passionate

I know this sounds impossible, but hear me out: You don’t have to be passionate about the product you sell. Let me tell you about an entrepreneur I know.

No Bar, No Pizza

Your best path forward: Get clear on your boundaries & communicate them early on so potential customers can self-select out if their needs don’t match.

Talk To Your Boss

Smart entrepreneurs are building their business on the side, while working a full time day job. How do you negotiate that? You’ve gotta talk to your boss.

Your Summer Reading List

Over the past season of Bearing Fruit I’ve sought your advice, particularly around who you follow and what’s on your reading list. And ya’ll came through.

80,000 Hours

Every day isn’t going to result in a paragraph of your Wikipedia entry. But at the end of the long arc of your career, what’ll go on your career tombstone?…

How to Reject a Potential Client

A Bearing Fruit reader asks “How do I say no to a potential client? And how do I tell that it should be a no?” Here’s how to reject while keeping your integrity.

Entrepreneurial Seasoning

I had been putting myself out there when I was in a contracting season. Good intentions, wrong timing for my spirit. All I wanted to do was scream.

We Need to Talk About Alan Wei$$

Be discerning about who you follow. The advice might be good – but if they have the personality of a hot baby diaper, some of that’ll stick to your ribs, too.

When I Used Paid Ads

For the longest time, I thought paid ads were for people who hate money. Business was good, I thought, I don’t need to PAY people to get me more clients. But…

The Invisible Operating Manual

Understand how Protestant work ethic influences our collective psyche so you can decide for yourself if these notions are helping you or getting in your way.

Staffing Up

I remember making my first staff hire – took me years to figure out the confidence & logistics. Every entrepreneur I talk to says: Wish I’d done it sooner.

Scope Snap

You’ve heard of scope creep – when you’re asked to do a more & more til you run a 2nd project for the cost of one. Let me introduce a new term: scope snap.

Things I Quit

Now I know better. When I write down my quarterly or annual goals, I also write a list of the things I’ll quit so I have the room to accomplish those goals.

Batch, Please

The way to make single-tasking really work for you: My brain feels less stressed and more streamlined when I batch my work. Batching reduces the switch cost.

The Secret to Social Media

The secret isn’t to write 365 homerun tweets that go viral. No one can do that. It’s a bar set so high it’ll intimidate you into never ever hitting Send.

No Regrets

Life happiness is found in the quality of our relationships. You’ve heard this. You’re thinking “yeah, yeah,” hand ready to go scroll Instagram. Hold on.