Raking it in without
breaking your soul

Your Summer Reading List

Over the past season of Bearing Fruit I’ve sought your advice, particularly around who you follow and what’s on your reading list. And ya’ll came through.

80,000 Hours

Every day isn’t going to result in a paragraph of your Wikipedia entry. But at the end of the long arc of your career, what’ll go on your career tombstone?…

How to Reject a Potential Client

A Bearing Fruit reader asks “How do I say no to a potential client? And how do I tell that it should be a no?” Here’s how to reject while keeping your integrity.

Entrepreneurial Seasoning

I had been putting myself out there when I was in a contracting season. Good intentions, wrong timing for my spirit. All I wanted to do was scream.

We Need to Talk About Alan Wei$$

Be discerning about who you follow. The advice might be good – but if they have the personality of a hot baby diaper, some of that’ll stick to your ribs, too.

When I Used Paid Ads

For the longest time, I thought paid ads were for people who hate money. Business was good, I thought, I don’t need to PAY people to get me more clients. But…

The Invisible Operating Manual

Understand how Protestant work ethic influences our collective psyche so you can decide for yourself if these notions are helping you or getting in your way.

Staffing Up

I remember making my first staff hire – took me years to figure out the confidence & logistics. Every entrepreneur I talk to says: Wish I’d done it sooner.

Scope Snap

You’ve heard of scope creep – when you’re asked to do a more & more til you run a 2nd project for the cost of one. Let me introduce a new term: scope snap.

Things I Quit

Now I know better. When I write down my quarterly or annual goals, I also write a list of the things I’ll quit so I have the room to accomplish those goals.

Batch, Please

The way to make single-tasking really work for you: My brain feels less stressed and more streamlined when I batch my work. Batching reduces the switch cost.

The Secret to Social Media

The secret isn’t to write 365 homerun tweets that go viral. No one can do that. It’s a bar set so high it’ll intimidate you into never ever hitting Send.

No Regrets

Life happiness is found in the quality of our relationships. You’ve heard this. You’re thinking “yeah, yeah,” hand ready to go scroll Instagram. Hold on.

My Multi-Year Mistake

I’m absolutely kicking myself. I totally messed up and accidentally put myself in the middle of a đź’© sandwich that I’ll have to eat for years. Come ugh with me.

Delight is in the Details

The details are where you show off your personality. And personality is what makes you different from every other plain vanilla “competitor” that’s out there.

What You Need to Start a Business

“What do I need to start a business?” is the same thing I still need every day after 13 years. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a 6-month runway of savings.

Hate the Idea of Marketing?

Before you throw in the towel and start scanning LinkedIn for salaried job postings, come to my class on marketing without feeling skeezy.

Hello My Fellow Perfectionist

Your perfectionist mentality means you won’t put crap out there in the world. It’s going to be good. Even if there’s a typo. So just focus on getting it done.

Security is an Illusion

Your job doesn’t love you, no matter how loyal you are. Entrepreneurship is security. The only thing I can rely on, for sure, is that I can find another client.

Small Projects are a PITA

When we spend hours each week on small projects & administrivia tasks that we don’t love, we feed the resentment monster & put out the welcome mat for burnout.

Pivoting? Here’s the Trick.

No matter the size of your pivot, you have the skills, talents & experiences that’ll bridge you. You aren’t starting from scratch. Your background is an asset.

How To Launch a New Offer

Whether you’re launching a totally new business or just looking to sprout a new branch for your existing business, you’re likely to run through the same phases.

I Can’t Relate

It’s difficult to hear advice about how to Do Life from people who can solely focus on work, instead of being split in a bazillion directions by life’s duties.

Looking Forward to Freedom

Entrepreneurship means you have the freedom to construct each day of your life on your own terms. However you want it to go. You make it up! So what will you do?…

Your Limit is Five Projects

Research out of University of Liverpool shows when you get beyond 5 projects, you lose your mind & burn out. Health is recognizing the limits of our capacity.