Raking it in without
breaking your soul

What AI Can’t Replace

AI’s writing is true! But so forking boring. Accurate! But a snooze fest. Correct! And forgettable. You know what AI doesn’t have, but you desperately need?…

Bio Makeovers

A bio is where people go to see what makes you credible. We add acronyms and list certifications, like we’re putting on armor. Except… No one cares.

How to Shut Down a Service

A student asked me how to whittle down her 3 services to just the 1 she loved the most. If you’re thinking of shutting down a service, do these 4 things.

You Can Turn Off The Comments

Does posting also make you responsible for hosting a public debate about your ideas? Do you have to entertain comments? Even if they’re trolls?…

Signs of Burnout

The surest sign of burnout is when your emotional reactions are disproportionate to the event itself. Here’s how that shows up and how to fix burnout for good.

To What End?

What’s your business end goal? If you don’t have one, you’re probably burning out. These are the three primary end goals, each with a very different day-to-day.

The Components of a Good Social Media Post

The algorithms are always changing but right now, good, solid, business-based social media posts have 3 things that make them successful.

Little Legal Things

I assumed my business was so lil & cute I didn’t need legal advice. Til the day I did! My lawyer taught me the little legal things I didn’t know I 100% needed.

When the Client Overruns the Schedule

When the client tramples your schedule and deadlines, what do you do? Pull all-nighters to finish on time? Stress out your team? I have other ideas.

Laughable Contract Clauses

Corporate legal departments aren’t writing a contract with your small biz best interest in mind. They assume you’re so thirsty you’ll sign without reading closely.

Your Scale and Sustain Seven

Everyone needs a board of advisors. Mindelyn Anderson shares her seven advisory roles and the questions she asks each of them.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

That blurry shot of you with your friends’ faces cropped out? Not gonna cut it. You need to schedule a photo shoot to up your branding. Here’s your prep list.

Quality Control

Consistent high-quality work is a result of quality control measures. What do yours look like?…

👯‍♀️ Calendar + To Do List 👯‍♀️

This is simple math but incredibly hard to pull off: your calendar and your to do list have to equal each other.

My Office Set Up

While money can’t buy happiness, it does help. For example, my new office desk and chair are making me actually want to spend time at work.

Give Yourself Two Years

It takes a minimum of two years to evolve something new. You go further faster with a coach, a plan, consistency, and patience.

Success is Lonely

60% of women said their sense of isolation increased as their career progressed. My remedy: Gang up with other entrepreneurs, building the plane as they fly it.

How I Knew I Needed To Start My Own Business

I had clear signs I should start my own business. You too? Here’s to no one ever telling you your coffee break was two minutes longer than allowed.

You’ve Gotta Market 

I swear, it’s easier to market than you think. Good marketing starts by building relationships with people long before they’re ready to cut you a check.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is bold, but this might just be the thing you need to stand out from the competition. Do you have the courage to try undercover marketing?…

When Fools Rush In

Fools thinks when you start your own business you’ll be doing work you love full time. Those who don’t make it two years aren’t starting with eyes wide open.


This is a story about my favorite drink at my favorite bar and what it can teach you about getting max mileage out of the efforts you put in to your biz. #yolo…

I Have an Arch Nemesis

Despite my therapist’s suggestions to let it go, I keep my arch nemesis in a sequined box in the back of my closet. Not in sight but easy to find when needed.

Where to Focus When You’re Getting Started

When a seasoned entrepreneur is willing to start their hindsight about getting started, you know you need to pull up a chair and take some notes.

40 Hours. Every Week?

I don’t see a way to live a healthy life and also work 40 hours a week. The math aint mathin. Something gives, because something’s gotta give.