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Raking it in without
breaking your soul

Hello My Fellow Perfectionist

Your perfectionist mentality means you won’t put crap out there in the world. It’s going to be good. Even if there’s a typo. So just focus on getting it done.

Security is an Illusion

Your job doesn’t love you, no matter how loyal you are. Entrepreneurship is security. The only thing I can rely on, for sure, is that I can find another client.

Small Projects are a PITA

When we spend hours each week on small projects & administrivia tasks that we don’t love, we feed the resentment monster & put out the welcome mat for burnout.

Pivoting? Here’s the Trick.

No matter the size of your pivot, you have the skills, talents & experiences that’ll bridge you. You aren’t starting from scratch. Your background is an asset.

How To Launch a New Offer

Whether you’re launching a totally new business or just looking to sprout a new branch for your existing business, you’re likely to run through the same phases.

I Can’t Relate

It’s difficult to hear advice about how to Do Life from people who can solely focus on work, instead of being split in a bazillion directions by life’s duties.

Looking Forward to Freedom

Entrepreneurship means you have the freedom to construct each day of your life on your own terms. However you want it to go. You make it up! So what will you do?…

Your Limit is Five Projects

Research out of University of Liverpool shows when you get beyond 5 projects, you lose your mind & burn out. Health is recognizing the limits of our capacity.

How to Fire a Difficult Client

If you’re screening your prospective clients carefully, firing a difficult client will be rare. I have to do it once every other year. Here’s how to do it.

Time to Raise your Rates

It can feel scary to raise your rates, as if you’ll turn off potential clients. I’ve felt that way 13 times (13 years of business). Clients will keep coming.

Business Boundaries

You can recognize missing boundaries when you put together a proposal and the client comes back with tweaks they want to make to your package and you say yes.

Just Start

Because there’s always more research to be done. Another tip that’ll make or break you, better keep scrolling. Right? You’ll scroll your life away. Just start.

When to Disappoint Others

I lost my time, energy, and I risked my reputation. And as an entrepreneur, time, energy, and reputation are all you’ve got. Save yourself and disappoint others.

What You Call Yourself

In some ways, it doesn’t matter what you call yourself. On the other hand, what you call yourself can bring a sense of accomplishment & confidence. It matters.

How to Make the Most of a Conference

I made a very expensive rookie mistake. It started back in 2019, so I can’t even blame the pandemic. I had my sights set on a new-to-me conference taking place in Europe. The conference theme was about climate change and I proposed a short talk on how data visualization can…

The Scott Whisperer

Scott used to be my boss. He was, to put it mildly, weak on vision, mission, and listening. Like – the things a leader has to do well. It would be one thing if his tunnel vision and out-of-touch mindset led to new heights for the company. But he’s…

The Three Part Pitch

Trish had been trying to land this dream client for over a year. In that time, she’d sat through many meetings, co-creating a scope and work plan. But, especially after a change in leadership, the group was adrift in thought and Trish was working without a contract. Trish needed…

Friendship Folders

People drop details about their lives & I respond in the moment but forget when we x out of Zoom. I build better relationships with a Friendship Folder.

How I Almost Killed My Summer

Too much of any good thing is gonna hurt. That’s how you burn out. So, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to. Right now. Or ever.

Signs You Can Quit Your Day Job

While there’s no one path to entrepreneurship, let me sort out when you’ll know you’re ready to take that leap. These are the signs you can quit your day job.

Being Strung Along

The thing about being strung along by a potential client is you often don’t know til it’s too late. Let my students’ hindsight become your foresight.

Client Red Flags

Your red flag list is how you create boundaries. It’s how you generate an empire where the atmosphere is respect. It saves you stress headaches. It’s peace.

Find Your Edge

Your market is crowded. The way to stand out is to find your edge – the thing that makes you different. The cinnamon caramel in a world of vanilla ice cream.

Books Are Not Lucrative

Publishing a book will not make you rich. You aren’t Stephen King. You don’t get advances. But writing a book makes you more visible. Heck, write anything.

When You’re a Threat

How the funniest work moment of the year led me to realize I, the outside consultant, was a big threat – and what to do when you find yourself in this situation.